Sunday, September 10, 2017

IB Family Events - Week of 9/11

There are three IB related parent events we'd like families to be aware of this week:

Monday, 9/11 - Huron parents of Full IB Diploma students are invited to join together at Huron for the first parent informational session from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the Ingram Theater. This session will include information about the start of school, the Creativity, Activity, and Service component of the IB Diploma, and an overview of what your child's year will look like in the Diploma. We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 9/12 - Mitchell parents are invited to the Mitchell School Curriculum Night from 6-8 PM to hear about your child's elementary school experience in the IB Primary Years Programme. In addition, Mr. Hilton will be sharing informaiton about the academic progress of the school.

Thursday, 9/14, Scarlett parents are invited to the Scarlett Open House from 6:30 - 8:30 PM to meet teachers and learn about their child's experience in the IB Middle Years Programme.

We are excited and looking forward to connecting with our IB families this week in the Ann Arbor IB pathway: Mitchell, Scarlett and Huron.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Announcement: Mitchell, Scarlett, Huron = WORLD SCHOOLS!

The Ann Arbor Public Schools is proud to announce fully authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools in a PreK -12th grade pathway as follows:

• Primary Years Programme (PYP) at Mitchell Elementary School, grades PreK-5;

• Middle Years Programme (MYP) in partnership at Scarlett Middle School and

Huron High School, grades 6 -10;

• Diploma Programme (DP) at Huron High School, grades 11 and 12 with 26 courses to choose, the greatest variety available in all of Michigan.

In order to become World Schools, each building staff worked for three years, participating in IB specific professional development and work with IB coordinators and consultants to develop a new, rich, research-based IB curriculum. The new Ann Arbor IB curriculum uses the internationally acclaimed IB curricular framework to provide exceptional achievement opportunities using engaging projects and activities that takes into account global and local perspectives.

Students enrolled in the AAPS World Schools - including those who apply to come from within Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, and surrounding counties - will participate in schooling emphasizing:

• Inquiry - students asking questions, students finding answers;

• Global awareness - connecting to the local, state, national and international community;

• Action and Service - learning by doing, making a positive impact;

• World languages - all students learning a world language;

• Access and Equity - intentional development of curriculum and supports connected to the needs of learners.

In addition, Huron has been named a candidate World School to offer the IB Career-related Programme (CP). The CP is designed to link career and technical education programming - engineering, health sciences, business, auto technology, home building, cosmetology, culinary arts - with IB classes in 11th and 12th grade to prepare all students for success in the next steps of life whether that is going to college college or moving on to a career. We look forward to sharing more information about CP with AAPS families this school year.

If you have questions about IB in Ann Arbor, please ask teachers, IB coordinators, and school administrators. They are all well-prepared to answer your questions and help you find information. In addition, please check the Ann Arbor IB website for the most up to date information about these exceptional programs:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Primary Years Programme 5th Grade Exhibition - Thursday, May 18, 6 - 8 PM @ Mitchell School

The Ann Arbor community is cordially invited to the first ever Primary Years Programme (PYP) 5th grade Exhibition on Thursday, May 18 from 6 - 8 PM at Mitchell Elementary School.

The PYP Exhibition is the result of student inquiry, where students conduct in-depth research and planning on a topic of their choice to learn something new - and to show their learning.  The Exhibition represents a unique and significant opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the IB learner profile developed throughout their engagement with the PYP.

The Exhibition is connected in theme and process to projects of other IB programs - the Personal Project in the Middle Years Programme, the Extended Essay in Diploma Programme, and the Reflective Project in the Career-related Programme.  You might remember the Personal Project recently launched for 10th graders at Huron High School.

Finally, the Exhibition provides schools and students with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the transition of learners to the next phase of their education.

To learn more more information about the Exhibition, please join us at Mitchell on Thursday, May 18 from 6 - 8 PM!
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Huron Personal Project Exhibition Photos

The first ever Huron Personal Project Exhibition occurred Wednesday, May 10. The event saw a wide range of project topics including:
- Solution to Pressure Ulcer Behind Ear - Science Focus
- Traditional Korean Home Building - Art/Architecture Focus
- Trombone Proficiency - Music Focus
- Sleep Research - Science Focus
- Working Out - Health and Physical Education Focus
- Drone Building - Design and Science Focus
- Disability Awareness - Health and Science Focus
- Novel Writing - Language Arts Focus
- Use of Biofuel - Science Focus

Please check out the photos of the Exhibition at Huron from May 2017.

For more details about what the Personal Project is all about, please to go


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Huron MYP Personal Project Presentations

We are excited to share that the MYP Personal Project Trial Course, taught by Melissa Saeed at Huron, has been successful this semester. This trial course has been running 8th hour at Huron and is the model for the course 10th grade students at Huron will take beginning fall 2017. 

The public presentations of the projects will occur on Wednesday, May 10 from 6-7 PM at Huron in the lower gymnasium. Please join us to see this really great work connected to the Middle Years Programme and student personal interests and learning.

Prior to the "big reveal" next week students rehearsed Personal Project presentations today focusing on a variety of interests: American Sign Language, autism, biofuel, learning to play the trombone. Other students focused on other topics connected to their personal interests, and they are rehearsing their project presentations on other days this week and next. 

Each of the projects was developed following a process connected to the MYP Personal Project assessment criteria: 
A: Investigating
B: Planning
C: Taking action 
D: Reflecting 

The student reflections about their work revealed that they learned both academic content and skills connected to personal development. 

Photos of the students presenting today are attached. Please check them out. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Learn about International Baccalaureate (IB) at Scarlett - 4/19, 6 - 7:30 PM

The greater Ann Arbor community is invited to "Learn About IB at Scarlett" on April 19 from 6 - 7:30 PM.

This will be an IB focused information night for families interested in exploring/coming to the candidate IB Middle Years Programme at Scarlett. We will also share information about the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme at Huron High School.

Please note the Ann Arbor Schools of Choice window is open from April 13 - May 12, 2017. For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Questions about this exceptional educational opportunity can be directed to Ryan Soupal ( or Kevin Karr (

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Personal Project Class About To Launch for 10th Grade at Huron

Personal Project Class Shared Today for Incoming 10th Grade Students

Current 9th grade students learned more about the Middle Years Programme (MYP) Personal Porject today during curriculum overview presentations at Huron. Below is the information sent to families via email to keep everyone connected about this important feature of the MYP.

What is the Personal Project all about?
The Personal Project is a 10th grade activity that showcases individual learning in the MYP. It focuses on a topic chosen by the student, and it challenges students to demonstrate their learning capabilities through an extended research project.

Success with the Personal Project is connected to skills every successful student needs (but not all schools intentionally address) including:
- Planning and problem solving
- Developing skills and attitudes needed for sustained and focused work
- Taking action to implement the plan
- Effectively communicating of personal and academic learning of the process
- Reflecting on their learning and the success of their work.

The Personal Project is regarded as a marker that defines readiness for learning opportunities in high school and beyond. Many MYP students refer to their Personal Project in their college admissions essays and scholarship applications. In addition, students who are entering the trades or job market following high school distinguish themselves by explaining their work to select a project, plan it, carry out the plan, evaluate the effectiveness of the project, and reflect on their growth through this process. Students who complete the Personal Project use the experience to stand out in a variety of ways that lead them to readiness and success at the next level.

What do students do during the Personal Project?
Students will be taught and guided through the following project criteria during the Personal Project course at Huron:
A) Investigation
Students will:
- Define a clear goal for the project, based on personal interests
Identify prior learning relevant to the project
- Demonstrate research skills. 

B) Planning
Students will:
- Develop criteria for the product of the project
- Plan for the project
- Demonstrate self-management skills. 

C) Taking action
Students will:
- Create a product in response to their investigation and planning
- Demonstrate thinking skills
- Demonstrate communication and social skills.

D) Reflecting
Students will:
- Evaluate the quality of the product
- Reflect on how completing the project has extended their knowledge and understanding of the topic
- Reflect on their development as an learner through the project. 

- While completing the Personal Project, students will be guided through the above criteria and will also receive important instruction connected to research and presentation skills.

What are example topics of Personal Projects from other schools?
During the January meeting, we shared examples of topics students in other schools chose to focus their inquiry and investigation:
Syrian refugees (social studies focus)
Cake decorating (health and nutrition focus)
Scriptwriting and screenplays (English focus)
Building a hovercraft (engineering focus)
Music through the decades (performing arts focus)
The topic choices are infinite because topic possibilities are connected to personal learning interests. Conducting a web search of "Personal Project examples" or "MYP Personal Projects" will yield hundreds of ideas and examples.

Are the Personal Projects shared with the school community?
Yes...the projects will be showcased and presented annually during the Personal Project Exhibition night. This will be an exciting event for students, parents and the community! We are planning for the first Personal Project Exhibition to occur in December 2017!

Here is a short video of what Personal Project Exhibition looks like at another MYP School:

Are Personal Projects evaluated?
Students will self-evaluate their work
Teachers will, in consultation with the student, assign an MYP Personal Project grade (scored 1-8) based on the criteria above and their performance.
MYP grades will be viewable as part of a student's record in PowerSchool.
Finally, the Personal Project grade is submitted to the International Baccalaureate Organization for moderation.

How does the Personal Project fit in the seven period day at Huron?
Beginning fall 2017, the Personal Project is a required course for 10th grade students (as a part of the seven period day). Students registering for 10th grade courses will see the Personal Project on the course selection sheet. Ensuring Huron students have dedicated time during the school day to plan and/or work on their Personal Project was a main reason for establishing the seven period day at Huron for the 2016-17 school year (as opposed to the six period day at Pioneer).

How do I take the Personal Project if I have two year long electives in my schedule (such as band and Project Lead The Way)?
As noted above, the seven period day at Huron was designed to fully appreciate the requirements of the MYP and Personal Project. The Personal Project course - during the school day - is the best way to do this and is the recommended pathway for all Huron students. That said, for students who are not able to "fit in" the Personal Project course because they have two full year elective hours (e.g. band, orchestra, choir, Project Lead The Way, English Plus, etc.), the Personal Project will be offered as an independent study. In these situations, students should check off "needs assistance" in the PowerSchool portal during the course selection period in March so counselors can assist with next steps.

There may be other individual scheduling conflicts that require individual problem solving. In these situations, students should check off "needs assistance" in the PowerSchool portal during the course selection period in March so counselors can assist with next steps.

How can I find out more?
More Personal Project information can be found on the following websites:
International Baccalaureate Personal Project page:

In addition, please feel free to use the contact information on the Ann Arbor IB webpage if you have questions for us: