Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Announcement: IB Candidacy Applications Submitted

Dear AAPS Colleagues and IB Advisory,

The four International Baccalaureate candidacy applications for the Ann Arbor Public Schools have officially been submitted as follows:
- Primary Years Programme application for Mitchell Elementary School
- Middle Years Programme partnership applications for Scarlett Middle School and Huron High School
- Diploma Programme applications for Huron High School.

The submission of these documents is a milestone that marks the end of the "consideration year" in the IB authorization timeline:

Thank you.  Every one of us has participated and contributed:
- Some gave their input during a staff meeting
- Some went to IB overview trainings at WISD or Macomb ISD
- Some read their content area IB subject guide
- Some met monthly (at least) after school as part of the IB teacher leadership committee
- Some read about inquiry teaching on their own
- Some helped to revise and update mission statements
- Some visited IB schools in Southfield, Bloomfield Hills, and Northville
- Some talked about IB during lunch with a friend/colleague
- Some went to early IB category 1 training as a trailblazer in support of this work and to help guide their colleagues
- Some participated on the community IB advisory committee
- Some gave input on the PYP, MYP and/or DP action plans that help to guide program development
- Some Tweet about IB ... #a2ib 
- Some reached out to their principal or me to ask clarifying questions
- Some helped to write or give input on sections of the IB candidacy applications
- Some took action to support our IB work that we don't know. 

Thank you. This will be thoughtfully planned, engaging, meaningful and significant work in support of exceptional teaching and learning.

I anticipate hearing the results of our candidacy applications in the next four weeks.  I will certainly share more information as soon as possible.

If you have questions, please email or call my extension (25202).