Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ann Arbor Diploma Programme Website Updated

The most recent information about Ann Arbor Public School's work to develop the most robust International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Michigan has been updated on the Ann Arbor DP website:

Questions can be addressed to the contacts on the website.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ann Arbor International Baccalaureate Update - Diploma Programme

Dear Families Interested in Ann Arbor International Baccalaureate,

1. For the 150 families who attended yesterday's IB Information Session at Huron, it was great to see you!  We were happy to share information about this exceptional programming.

For all of you, please find our updated handouts on the Diploma Programme page of our website:

2. For families who are thinking about or currently choosing a Diploma Programme option for their 9th grade student (Class of 2019), here some highlights to remember about Huron:
- The most robust set of DP course options that exists in the State of Michigan
- More choices for students = more pathways to an IB diploma while connecting to the strengths and interests of the individual student. There aren't just one or two pathways...there are many!  You can't find more DP options anywhere else in Michigan.
- ALL teachers at Mitchell, Scarlett and Huron are IB trained, not just a few.
- A well-rounded extracurricular program too: 67 clubs, Grammy award winning music programs, 42 sports teams, and a diverse set of peers. 

3. There are enrollment options for almost everyone living in southeastern Michigan:
If you would like help connecting to a principal, school counselor and IB facilitator, please let me know.

Kevin Karr
K-12 Ann Arbor International Baccalaureate Facilitator
Ann Arbor Public Schools

Monday, January 11, 2016

International Baccalaureate Community Information Meeting - Huron High School, Jan. 24 @ 2 PM

International Baccalaureate schooling is coming to Ann Arbor!

Those interested in learning more about Ann Arbor International Baccalaureate (IB) candidate schools for the fall of 2016 are invited to an IB Community Information Meeting at Huron School on January 24 from 2:00 - 3:30 PM. 

This presentation will include information and experiences that help participants know and understand:
- The 5 Pillars of IB in Ann Arbor
- The Primary Years Programme at Mitchell Elementary School (grades K-5)
- The Middle Years Programme at Scarlett Middle School and Huron High School (grades 6 - 10)
- The Diploma Programme at Huron High School (grades 11 and 12)
- The value of an internationally focused curriculum. 

Information before the meeting can be accessed via the Ann Arbor IB website at:

Friday, January 1, 2016

Ann Arbor IB New Year Update - January 2016

Dear Mitchell, Scarlett and Huron Families (and Interested Others),

The Ann Arbor Public Schools is working to develop an exceptional K-12 pathway of International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools at Mitchell, Scarlett and Huron, and we are writing to share an update about our development work.

We are currently in a period called “IB candidacy”, about halfway through a three-year start-up and development timeframe that commences with “IB authorization”.

The result of the candidacy work will be enhanced excellence in our schools and a set of defined, research-based teaching and learning practices that are described using the following “pillars”:
  1. Inquiry - students asking questions, students finding answers
  2. Global awareness - connecting to the local, state, national and international community
  3. Action and Service - learning by doing, making a positive impact
  4. World languages - all students learning a world language
  5. Access and Equity - intentional development of curriculum and supports connected to the needs of learners

 In terms of updates, let’s start with what has been completed since the schools were named IB candidates in the spring of 2015:
·       June 15: 99% of Scarlett and Huron teachers attended a required IB professional development workshop called “Launching the Middle Years Programme”
·       August 17 – 19: 99% of Mitchell, Scarlett and Huron teachers attended “category 1” IB professional development which prepares teachers to begin developing IB curriculum
·       Fall 2015:
o    97% of teachers have been authoring the first IB-style “inquiry” curriculum for their grades/content areas.  This work will continue through the first semester as we ready ourselves to teach our first IB-style “units of inquiry” largely in the second semester
o    Huron teachers designing new 11th/12th grade IB Diploma Programme courses for fall 2017. These courses have not previously been offered in the Ann Arbor Public Schools but they are offered at other IB schools around the world.
·       Students and teachers at all three schools have led lessons about the IB Learner Profile attributes, which describes learning behaviors and connects it to curriculum.

(2) During the second semester of this school year, students in the following grades/courses will experience their first IB units. 
Primary Years Programme at Mitchell

Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will all participate (although it is also true that some of these grades have experienced IB units already this school year)
Middle Years Programme at Scarlett and Huron
Subject Area
Language and Literature (English) classes
English 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Language Acquisition (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish) classes
All language level I and II classes
Individuals and Societies (Social Studies) classes
Social Studies 6,
Social Studies 7,
Social Studies 8,
World History and Geography 9,
US History 10
Sciences classes
Life Science 7,
Physical Science 8,
Biology 9,
Geophysical Science AC 10
 Mathematics classes
Math 7,
Algebra 1,
Physical and heath education classes
Physical Education 6,
Physical Education 10
Design (Career and Technical Education) classes
Business/Personal Finance,
Web Design

When these units occur, teachers will ask students to use the characteristics of exceptional learners:
Be an inquirer: Develop a natural curiosity that allows them to become lifelong learners.
Find knowledge: They explore ideas of importance and dig deep into its meaning creating a balance of their learning.
Be a thinker: They apply thinking skills that allow them to tackle complex problems in creative ways.
Communicate: They understand and can articulate information in confident, creative ways, including a second language.
Be principled: Students are honest, fair, just and full of integrity. They strive to solve their own problems and to take responsibility for their own actions.
Be open-minded: Students understand and embrace other cultures. They recognize and celebrate their own backgrounds and learn tolerance for others.
Be caring: Students actively care about others and participate in active service.
Take risks (as a learner): Students are brave in the face of new challenges. They strive to take on new roles and to defend their own beliefs.
Show balance: Students understand the need to be emotionally, physically and mentally balanced. They strive for this in themselves and others.
Reflect: Students reflect on their own learning. They are able to adjust for weaknesses and strengths.

Kevin Karr
K-12 District IB Coordinator
Gerald Vazquez
Scarlett Middle School
Dr. Janet Schwamb
Interim Principal
Huron High School

Matt Hilton
Assistant Principal
Mitchell Elementary School
Ryan Soupal
Middle Years Programme
Scarlett Middle School
Todd Newell
Middle Years Programme
Huron High School

Wendy Rothman
Primary Years Programme
Mitchell Elementary School

Eric Wynn
Diploma Programme
Huron High School

Note: If the IB development work is news to you, we want you to know more.  Please go to or call/email any one of the people listed above. We will help.