Saturday, February 4, 2017

Huron High School Diploma Programme Authorized! Now Enrolling For Fall 2017.

The Ann Arbor Public Schools is proud to announce Huron High School Diploma Programme (DP) has been officially authorized! Huron is the newest IB World School!
 The Huron DP is a great option because if offers:
- 26 Diploma Programme courses which means more choices and multiple pathways to achievement
- Access to the Huron Grammy award winning music program
- 36 sports options, more than are available at the University of Michigan
- A diverse student body is a reflection of the world
- 67 clubs and student organizations.
Huron is currently ranked the #2 high school in Michigan according to

The 26 Huron DP course descriptions are listed in the document linked to this post. Check it out! Please direct questions to Mr. Eric Wynn, Huron Diploma Coordinator from the Ann Arbor IB website:…/1Xw8ZiU4eH57NBkfvvoNcnLAXkg0…/edit